Private donations and audience contributions account for over 87 percent
of the Band’s operating budget. All of our outstanding musicians are volunteers,
and the Band receives no government financial support of any kind.


Please jump on the bandwagon by contacting Ev Hughes at
239-566-9960 or by email:


Thank you for your support and in return we promise to keep the music playing!


The following persons or companies are members of our Fan of the Band
program and supported us with their donations for our past concert season. In
addition to appearing on the website, their names will appear in our concert
programs for the year following the date of their donation. You may join this
generous group by donating $50 per person for the upcoming 2017―2018 season.

Virtuoso Sponsor $5,000+

Frank M. Ewing

Musician Sponsor $2,500 – $4,999

Kathy & Craig Fenton
Ev Hughes

Announcer Sponsor $1,000 – $2,499

Elaina Hampton
Elaine & Richard Holmes III
Susan & Nelson Smith
Voorhees Family Foundation
Sally & William Wildner

Performer Sponsors $100 – $799

Lloyd Adams

Susan & John Adney

Robert Allan

Charmaine Bainum

Carol & Keith Bartz

Kathleen & John Baxter

Gena & Gary Bedrosian

Susan & Curt Belaney

Timothy Bell

Michele & Dave Bennett

Lois Bolin & Wayne Smith

Connie Bouck

Ann & George Brown

Ann & Frank Burgeson

Janice & Jerome Byrne

Connie & James Caravasos

Clair & Craig Carragan

Anne & John Codman

Linda Colvin

George Como

Joan & Tony Costello

Marilyn & James Day

Jane Dessecker

Gwen & Jim DeWitt

Susan & Dave Drewek

Mary & Frank Englund

Val & Tom Esnes

Joanne & John Flaherty

John Fosberg

Jane & John Gaffney

Diane & Gerald George

Julianne & Dan Grace

Diane & Jack Greenberg

Elaina Hampton

Patricia & John Hattery

Howard Hawkins

Anne & Ronald Henges

Leona Hensel & Franklin McQuade

Victoria & Manford Jerome

Diane & Albert Kaneb

Fran & Roger Koch

Katherine & Edward Kvet

Susan & David Langerdorfer

Dot Lingren & Art Zens

Roberta Davis Lynch

Stephanie McClung & Robert Allan

Fran & Tom Mehelich

Claudia & Keith Merrill

Holly & Leonard Merriman

Sheila, Bruce & Troy Miles

Sam Miller

Lucille & Frank Mollo

Jan & Tom Morrier

Dorothy & Lawrence O’Connell

Isabel & Clarence Oelke

Lois & Warren Opel

Charlotte & Frank Pichler

Publix Super Market

Patricia & Robert Purcell

H.R. Ransom

Alice & Gerald Richter

Gail & Bob Rider

Antonia & John Rosenbaum

Shirley & Charles Sachs

Barbara & Robert Sadowski

Lorraine & Mark Schapiro

Cherry Smith

Harmon Smith

Susan & Nelson Smith

Judith Thomas

Priscilla & Ron Tougas

Rita Wheland & John Magliano

Beverly & Sam Whiteman

Doris Wilson & Donald Spencer

Cheryl & Larry Wynocker

Constance & Anton Zeman

Art Zens

Wendy & Harold Zumbrun

Fans of the Band $50 – $99

Lloyd Adams

Joyce & Arthur Albro

Meredith Bair

Barbara & J. Richard Beach

Timothy Bell

Christine Boudreau

William Brasile

Elaine & Richard Brennan

Kathleen Butera

James Capeless

Shirley Carr

Clare & Craig Carragan

Colleen Cleveland

JoAnne & Richard Collins

Charles Connolly

Daniel Cornillie

Marcia & Alan Cragg

Kathleen & Edward Cronin

Mary Ann & Joe Damiano

Lou DeBonzo

Elizabeth & Edward Dick

Athena & Tom Ehlert

Valerie & Tom Esnes

John Evans

Diana & Thomas Evans

Frank & Ann Falconieri

Lou Ann & Ronald Fasching

Sonnia & Charles Ferb

Betsy & Ralph Ferrara

John Flaherty

Pat & Rex Fleet

Sally Frederick

June & Charles Gilliam

Ruthann & Kenneth Ginsberg

Barney Gradman

Kathleen Griffin

Max Guerra

J. & T. Haevers

Marcia & Gordon Hardy

Anne Hass & Wolf-Dieter

Donald Heflin

Barbara Herrman

Phyllis & Fred Hirschfeld

Fran & Henry Jorin

Polly Keller

Donna & Ralph Korte

Edna & Nelson Kulda

Katherine & Edward Kvet

Jeanne & Ralph Lanzillo

Ruth Leonard

Frances & Robert Lester

Patrick Lewis

Mary Jo Luth

Roselynn & David Malarek

Richard Martinez

Marian Marx

Liz & Tony Mastroianni

Carol Matyniak

Jane & Sam Miller

Toni Nardi & Ben Pletsch

Norma & John Pappalardo

Wayne Partie

Cherie & Don Peacock

Marilyn & Lee Perry

Susan & Joel Pittelman

Warren Pofahl

William Pope

Emanuele Porretta

Robert & Patricia Purcell

Diane & Tom Quay

Nancy & Jerry Rauso

Catherine & J. Alfred Rapuano

Angela & Dwight Richardson

Lucille & Neil Rocheford

Richard Rutkowski

Tom Ryan

Phyllis Safford

Pamela & Ronald Scudder

Kathleen Sharpe

William Shaver

Dorothy Shorr

Nancy Sinesi

Edward Smith

Pamela & Michael Sonderby

Judith & Frank Sower

Donald Spencer

Margaret & John Sullivan

Peggy Tallman

Paul Thomas

Lorraine Thomson

Irene Thompson & Bill Petasnick

Beverly & Sam Whiteman

Patricia & Joe Yolich

Constance & Anton Zeman

Special Thanks 

To Regina’s Ice Cream for their continued financial support and tasty treats, conveniently available at the back of the park, and the City of Naples for their support and designation of the Naples Concert Band as a cultural institution.