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Steven Moore

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Dear Naples Concert Band Musicians,

With immense pride and humility, I address you today, deeply honored to be a part of this remarkable band. The history, the unbreakable foundation, and the exceptional talent that defines our band are nothing short of awe-inspiring. As we march into SEASON 52, I am thrilled to join hands with an extraordinary team – President Bud Gartland, Associate Conductor John Salminen, Librarian Dianne Ritz-Salminen, dedicated section leaders, and our esteemed board of directors. Together, we're poised for an incredible journey ahead.

Bud Gartland's steadfast leadership shines brightly, steering us through challenges and ushering in a fresh era with a new conductor. Let's take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding legacy left by Harris Lanzel and the invaluable contributions of our past president, Dave Drewek. Rather than dwell on the enormity of the task of following Harris, let's be grateful for the solid foundation and uplifting direction he has set. So, where do we go from here? Upward, my friends! Together, we'll continue our trajectory of musical excellence while serving our community through collective effort. Conceive It, Believe It, Achieve It!

Expect magic this year! John Salminen, our guest artists, and I have enthusiastically crafted a repertoire designed to challenge you and delight the audience. You'll notice cherished favorites like For Starters, NCB March, Stars and Stripes Forever, alongside classic band compositions and popular vocalists. Our programming attempts to strike the balance between musical skills, audience appeal, and the pursuit of excellence in just a few rehearsals. Let's embrace the challenge, love the music, and wholeheartedly spread the word to diverse audiences.

Our potential to create magic is enhanced by the growth of our resources. Imagine what's possible when we're empowered with the means to commission custom arrangements, engage inspiring guest artists, enhance our sound system, and offer captivating concert experiences in beautiful Cambier Park. President Gartland asks you to share any connections to potential sponsors within your network. If you're able, consider contributing to the NCB on a monthly or yearly basis – every contribution counts. And above all, every time we share the wonders of the band, involve others, or invite our community to our performances, we propel our organization forward. Don't hesitate to invite friends, family, and loyal supporters to share in the magic of the NCB!

Change is a part of life, and as we navigate through different stages, we may be weary of its rapid pace. Bands can be deeply rooted in tradition, but let's remember that we all hail from diverse band backgrounds, adjusting for the collective good. Our shared values and core principles remain our guiding lights. Let's embrace the future with open arms, understanding that it might involve adjustments or shifts. As Wayne Gretzky famously said, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." While we honor traditions, let's not become trapped by them. With unyielding confidence, let's seize the future's opportunities. Conceive it, believe it, achieve it – with passion! I'm genuinely excited for this musical journey we're embarking on together. Strike up the band!

With heartfelt appreciation,



J. Steven Moore, DMA

Conductor and Music Director

Naples Concert Band


(970) 219-5988 cell

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