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Mike Reilly

Mike is the 'Voice of the Naples Concert Band'. His humor, wit, story telling, and joyful spirit are sure to lighten your day while being informative and entertaining.

About Mike

Mike has been a Concert Band fan and supporter since he and his wife Eileen arrived in Naples as snowbirds over 30 years ago from the NYC area. Music was always in his house growing up, with a baritone-voiced father who started, conducted and sang with several church and civic choruses in upstate New York.


At the age of 15, Mike’s good fortune to inherit his own strong voice got him work in radio after school. That led to later news and announcer jobs including service in Armed Forces Radio & Television while in the Air Force. His subsequent professional career as a communications executive included being a correspondent and chief Americas spokesman for Reuters, the global news and information company.


Digging into the origins of each NCB tune is a big attraction to volunteering with the band. There are surprises in the history of every piece, which Mike builds into his introductions -- hopefully enhancing audience appreciation while contributing to everyone’s lifetime learning.


Mike and Eileen recently moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for the warmer months of the year -- bringing them into close orbit with their treasured grandchildren.

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